Crescent は 7月7日リリース予定です。

  1. Wise One (by John Coltrane)

  2. What’s New (by Bob Haggard)

  3. Lonnie’s Lament (by John Coltrane)

  4. De Boot (by Tony Overwater)

  5. Crescent (by John Coltrane)

  6. Nightfall (Ellen David) (by Charlie Haden)

  7. Mr. Syms (by John Coltrane)

  8. Our Spanish Love Song (by Charlie Haden)

  9. As Long As There’s Music (Jule Styne)

“Just like the bright crescent moon has the unlit part of the moon to complete its full shape, the sound of our duo is also there, sometimes in the shadows, sometimes in the light, changing its shape from time to time. It’s just like Yin Yang; one thing can’t exist without another. We come from different countries and different musical backgrounds, but somehow we fit together. Music can make people free and open-minded!”